Manifesto for geography: using the Manifesto for geography

The GA's Manifesto for geography can be used to help think about the curriculum in any context where geography is taught. It’s also a valuable tool to promote geography with students, parents, governors and others.

How to use A Different View suggests ways in which you can use the Manifesto in various professional settings.

This guide to the whole curriculum helps you to reflect on learners' whole curriculum experience – in the classrooms, outside the school and beyond.

This piece on Early Years and Primary explains why the GA’s Manifesto for geography is a key document for all those teaching geography in the early years and primary phases. It includes links to further ideas and support.

This guide to using A Different View with trainee teachers groups the Manifesto’s ideas into five themes, each with suggested activities and topics for discussion. The activities are largely self-contained, and can be adapted to suit trainees at different stages of their course. The accompanying guide for geography teacher educators provides links to think pieces and other materials related to the each section of the Manifesto.

Geography in higher education relates the messages from the Manifesto to the position of geography in university.

This summary of links between the Manifesto and fieldwork also contains a range of web links to further ideas and support.

The launch of the Manifesto also stimulated a good deal of publicity about geography’s place in the curriculum:

'A Different View' (SecEd, 14.05.09)

'Bid to put geography back on curriculum map' (TES, 24.04.09)

A Different View was produced and funded by the Geographical Association. The GA maintains its independence through the support of its members, whose subscriptions provide the GA's core funding and who give the GA its authority to speak for geography and its role in schools. If you are not already a member of the GA, you can join online now

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