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Photographs of East London

A selection of photographs of Stratford, Hackney Wick and the Olympic Park are available to download below. Numerous photographs of the Olympic Park and sports venues are also available on the official London 2012 website.

The photos provided here may be used freely in the classroom but cannot be used in any other way without the express permission of the photographer and the Geographical Association. Contact us for further information.

Photograph sets

This PowerPoint was compiled by Trevor Llewelyn in 2005 and features numerous photographs of the Stratford area immediately before construction work on the Olympic Park began. It also includes comprehensive accompanying notes.

Photographs taken by Bob Digby in 2007 of the Olympic Park land before it was cleared including housing on Clay Lane, industry and green areas.

The Olympic Park taking shape. All photographs taken by Bob Digby between 2008-2010.

Bob Digby's photographs of the Olympic Park in 2011.

Photos of the Westfield Shopping Centre shortly after it opened in September 2011.

Various photos of Hackney Wick.

Housing in Stratford adjacent to the Olympic Park.

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Thank you Bob for providing an invaluable insight into ongoing developments my students are hotly debating at every stage and continue to ask a million questions every lesson!

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