KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkit

Faster, Higher Stronger: Is the Olympics the best way to regenerate East London?

Andy Roberts
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Published by the Geographical Association in 2008, this popular title in the KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkit series offers a flexible and adaptable interpretation of the Key Stage 3 geography curriculum. Students will be highly engaged by:

  • Geographical data interpretation for their local environment, connected to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • A diverse range of map skills with the opportunity to use GIS for map-making
  • An Olympic Park photograph enquiry
  • The use of stakeholders' real opinions

Social and emotional aspects of learning play a critical role in the activities and AfL strategies enhance the progression of the learning.

Download Sample Information Sheet
Download Sample Activity Sheet


Editors' Preface
Chapter 1: About Faster, Higher, Stronger
Chapter 2: Medium-term plan
Chapter 3: Lesson plans

  • Why did London win the 2012 Games?
  • What changes will the Olympics bring to the area?
  • What do doeple feel about the Olympics coming to London?
  • Can the London Olympics be successful and sustainable?
  • What should happen when the Olympics are over?
  • How could Olympic teams reduce their carbon footprints?
  • Could we host an Olympic team in our local area?
  • How could my local area be developed in the future?

Chapter 4: Glossary
Chapter 5: Links for further ideas and resources
Chapter 6: Assessment framework

The book comes with a CD-Rom of resources needed for each of the lesson plans.

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