Aiming for Gold DVD

Finalist, 2011 BETT Awards, 'Tools for Teaching and Learning' Category

This interactive DVD, produced by Pumpkin TV with the support of the Geographical Association, focuses on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the opportunities it will provide for regeneration in East London.

It was planned by teachers in parts of east London close to the Olympic Park, with additional input from 60 teachers from the London area. Its focus is a Key Stage 3 audience.

It updates the original Aiming for Gold DVD, which was sent free to every school in November 2008.

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The DVD pack uses video, interactive activities and worksheets to explore to what extent the 2012 Olympics will regenerate London's East End. Students are given a mission and take on the role of journalist to discover why cities bid to host mega sporting events and why London won.

Next, they investigate the challenges of staging the games, design a layout and compare it to the real Olympic Park designs. Along the way students get the chance to talk to politicians, young people and local businesses before deciding how the games will benefit the area socially, environmentally and economically.

The DVD has been designed so that all video clips, games, background information and extension activities can also be adapted for interactive whiteboards and PowerPoint presentations. 

Price: £37.99 / £29.99 GA members

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- Guest

One issue in using current geographical events is the need for updating learning resources or, worse, the sense that they have passed by. The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games is so large in scope and duration, given the build-up and the legacy, no single resource could meet and keep all expectations, for all courses. However, building a stack of primary source material can also bring the problem of sifting it all and the risk of losing the geographical learning.

The Aiming for Gold DVD helps bring this situation under control by setting both the learning tasks and the video assets into a time-line. This structure is not a constraint because the 'Resource Bank' allows scene selection to explored by a theme such as housing. In this way, any further resources can be dovetailed in and, when looking back from next summer, or in two years time, there will be ways of making connections.

The declared focus here is a changing East London, and not the other Olympic venues, but if these were important to your learners, either by sport or by issue it would be possible to use the same activity sequence of the location, the challenges and the legacy-planning.

It's the big thing of 2012. The impacts, challenges and opportunities are enormous. The evidence and further questions will continue through the decade. Making it part of this generation's geographical learning will be greatly facilitated by effective use of this Aiming for Gold DVD resource.

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