Investigating Coasts - Teacher's Response

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Progression during the unit

At the beginning of this topic only a few children had visited the Skegness coast and one child had never seen the sea before!

Progression was clear to see as they were able to demonstrate improved understanding as time passed. This began with the children being able to identify coastal features and sea defences. Through the field visit they were able to see these in action and begin to identify the benefits of one defence over another.

Applying knowledge

When completing the follow up day's carousel of activities, the children were able to apply the knowledge they had learned to new situations such as debating which sea defences would be the best to use and why.

They were also able to confidently assume the roles of town councillors, land owners and leisure centre owners in order to plead their case as to why the council should grant them money to protect their part of the coastline.

Higher order thinking skills

These activities required the use of higher order thinking skills including analysing, evaluating and applying. Due to the fact that the days were practical and interactive in nature, all children, whatever their academic ability, were able to access the learning without realising they were learning.

Attainment levels

When looking at the attainment levels, many children achieved Level 4 as they were able to show an understanding of the features of coasts and how they can affect the lives of those living there. They could also show an understanding of how people can damage and improve an environment.

Some children showed a understanding that exceeded this. They were able to demonstrate an understanding that was at Level 5 by explaining how people hold different views and that people try to manage environments sustainably.

Did geography happen? Most certainly!

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