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GA CPD courses offer expert advice and inspirational teaching ideas. Keep up to date below for upcoming CPD about global issues and for free online courses. A range of articles, reports and discussions on a Global Learning theme are also included in this page.

Geography Quality Mark Accreditation

Schools in England and Wales now have their own versions of the Geography Quality Marks. You can use the new look SGQM or PGQM process and framework to help develop global learning in your school.

In England they will support you in joining the GLP as a Partner School and becoming a GLP Expert Centre. Once registered with the GLP, schools complete a Whole School Audit of global learning. Maintained schools and academies in England can then access up to £500 of free GLP e-credits for professional development. You can use GLP e-credits to help fund your SGQM application, or use them to buy in GA Bespoke Global Learning Consultancy.

Consultancy support

Schools in England can access bespoke support in global learning from the GA consultant team, tailored directly to their needs.

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Exploring Our Global Village

Free online CPD from Alan Parkinson. The course includes a new Key Stage 3 scheme of work for the 2014 national curriculum, makes use of web tools to explore our ‘Global Village’ and access a range of topical and contemporary material, and suggests ways to construct a number of global stories.



Food security

Free online CPD units that explore the complex issue of food security from global and local perspectives. It includes units on global food strategies, the perfect storm, food aid and how NGOs get their message across. It complements the CPD units on The geography of food.



Frameworks for intercultural learning

A website for teachers that aims to stimulate debate about some of the issues which lie at the core of global intercultural learning.



GTIP Think Piece: Children's worlds

This resource is designed to help primary teachers understand their pupils’ experiences of the world in order to develop their understanding of how other children live. There are detailed learning activities for (trainee) teachers but relevant and useful to anyone wanting to do further thinking on this topic.



GTIP Think Piece: Teaching about diversity

This Think Piece explores the issues surrounding the teaching of diversity in geography, noting that this is one of the most difficult areas for (new) geography teachers to engage with. Although designed for CPD, this resource contains a variety of activities and suggested reading for those teachers wanting to develop a deeper understanding of this topic, and there is a scope for adapting the activities for classroom use.



GTIP Think Piece: Values and controversial issues

We are frequently confronted with controversy in various forms, especially in relation to global learning, and geography as a subject can help teachers and pupils navigate such complex and sometimes unsettling issues and dilemmas. This resource explores the characteristics of more careful teaching, as opposed to 'morally careless' teaching in relation to dealing with controversial issues, and explores a range of ideas and activities that can help developing teachers think through their practice.



The geography of food

A free online CPD course, which includes units on the geography of hunger, sustainability and climate change. It complements the CPD units on Food Security (see above).


GA CPD unit on Global Learning

Aimed at trainee teachers and their mentors.



Geography: The Global Dimension key stage 3, DEA 2004

Although dated, this is still a useful resource, which includes an overview of Global Learning as well as teaching approaches and learning.



Global Dimension

Free online course for primary and early years teachers.

This course includes units on local–global, global–local, the 'big ideas' behind geography and the global dimension, living geography, planning and resourcing and two case studies.




GA manifesto, A different View

The GA Manifesto takes the big picture view of beliefs and priorities about geography education; you might especially look at Chapter 2, Thinking Geographically, and Chapter 4, Geography and Young People



Geography and development education in schools and the part played by geography teachers

A report published by the Development Education Research Centre of the Institute of Education, University of London, in partnership with the GA.



Geography Through Enquiry: Approaches to teaching and learning in the secondary school

Enquiry and critical thinking are important aspects of global learning: we think this book is one of the best you’ll ever read on teaching and learning in geography. It’s almost impossible to recommend any single chapters – but if you might find chapter 7, 9, 11 and 12 most relevant to global learning.



Globalisation, geography and citizenship

Teaching Geography article for secondary teachers (members only).

Louise Douglas discusses teaching about globalisation.



Global Dimension (Primary)

Article for primary and early years teachers.

This article considers what is meant by the term global dimension in the primary curriculum. Although written for ITE providers it raises many questions of interest to teachers.



Global Dimension (Secondary)

Article for secondary teachers.

This article considers what is meant by the term global dimension in secondary classrooms. Although written for ITE providers this think piece raises many questions of interest to teachers.



Global Learning: subject update

By John Hopkin in GA Magazine



Primary subjects: Engaging with globalisation

Article and activities for primary teachers (members only, must be logged in to view PDF download)

This resource includes a discussion of globalisation and the global dimension and a number of teaching ideas.


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