Global Dimension

Geography: the Global Dimension was a key stage 3 project about learning about places or themes at the global scale. The global dimension is concerned with exploring interconnections between people and places. It asks us to observe the similarities and differences that exist in the world and relate them to our own lives.

The project was led by the GA and funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and the National Lottery Community Fund in 2010.

The project aimed to answer the following questions:

  • What exactly is meant by the global dimension?
  • How best can we as geographers address it?

The activities, ideas and resources featured here support and supplement the book Geography: The global dimension (key stage 3) published by the GA in association with the DEA. It is available as a free download or can be purchased from our online shop priced £7.99/£5.99 GA members.

These materials were created during 2004/05 but remain useful for anyone wishing to find out more about the global dimension and how it fits in with KS3 geography.

11.02.10 -
The Spring 2010 issue of Primary Geographer contains an article on 'Critical thinking in the context of global learning' by Hetan Shah, Chief Executive of the DEA. An accompanying article by DEA Schools Programme Manager Kate Brown asks what this understanding of critical global thinking means for teachers. Both articles can be downloaded from the Journals area.

Another article by Kate Brown, 'The benefits of global learning', was published in Sec Ed on 04.02.10 and looks at the reasons for embedding global learning across all subjects.


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laci johnson Guest

hello world you be able to send me some stuff about Global Dimension please

GA Member

Hi Laci

You can download a free copy of the Global Dimension booklet above. You may also be interested in the new Global Dimension website

Hope this helps!

GA Website Manager


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