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Teaching the Core Skills

The Geographical Association (GA), the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT) SSAT and the Historical Association (HA) have teamed up with the British Council Connecting Classrooms programme to offer free professional development in critical thinking, together with the opportunity to develop international school partnerships at your school, supported by a £3000 British Council grant.

Training package

This training is based on what research evidence tells us makes effective CPD, and leads to proven impacts on pupils. Teachers develop practical strategies for critical thinking, apply them in their classroom and share practice with others on the course.

The training will include:

  • supported pre-course reflection
  • day one training focused on developing critical thinking, considering different perspectives and evidence
  • application in participants’ classrooms
  • day two training focused on sharing participants’ practice and working with non-routine problems and deep structures
  • further on-line support/collaboration, and opportunities to share practice with colleagues internationally.

    The training is free for teachers working in UK maintained schools, academies and free schools only. Independent schools are not eligible.



    Day 1: Tuesday 14 November 2017
    Day 2: Tuesday 6 February 2018


    Day 1: Thursday 16 November 2017
    Day 2: Thursday 8 February 2018

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    Why take part?

    Receive free CPD in critical thinking for teachers in your school, network or through a programme of centre-based courses.

    Join 17,000 teachers worldwide on the core skills programme, with the opportunity to share practice with others through a funded overseas school visit.

    Critical thinking and problem solving are key skills which support pupils’ learning, raise attainment and strengthen their development as informed and engaged future citizens. Our programme is focused on developing understanding and practical strategies for critical thinking: it will build on your experience to develop independent learning, curiosity, critical enquiry and analysis, and questioning skills. It is highly-rated by teachers from Foundation Stage to A level.

    Develop your ideas with like-minded teachers internationally. To facilitate collaboration face to face, schools in the UK can apply for a £3000 grant to take part in a project with an overseas school. This includes a teacher and a school leader travelling to visit the partner school to compare practice and take part in a high profile event with other UK and overseas schools.

    This training is part of the British Council’s new worldwide Connecting Classrooms programme. It will be led by experts from the GA and SSAT and will enable you to:

    • develop strategies for critical thinking and problem solving
    • develop and apply practice with a network of like-minded teachers
    • enhance your curriculum to help prepare your pupils for 21st Century learning, citizenship and employment
    • use your learning to strengthen international links at your school.

    The training is focused on developing new teaching and learning approaches to critical thinking, applying this in participants’ classrooms primarily through geography or history, and then sharing practice within the group and the wider subject community.

    On completing the training, you may also engage in follow-up opportunities to develop and share your expertise:

    • some participants will already have, or wish to gain, expertise in the professional development of other teachers. The programme will support, with further training and additional funding, a number of teachers willing to lead CPD in critical thinking in their own schools or a network with other schools
    • all teachers completing CPD will be eligible to apply for British Council funding to share practice with colleagues overseas through a school visit.

    Contact for more details.

    Find out more about the Connecting Classrooms programme via the British Council website.

    Find out more about Critical Thinking on the GA website.

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    chola micheal Guest

    We wish that this can be extended other countriescountries


    Jessica Davies Guest

    Any chance of supply teachers being allowed to attend? as I would love to keep my knowledge up to date.


    Julie Beattie (GA Admin) Guest

    As long as you are on long term supply ( covering at least a term in one place) and can give us the details of the school you are working in then you can register for this training.


    claire sowray Guest

    is this course suitable and most importantly beneficial for KS1 teachers?


    Rebecca Guest

    I've come across this course via my HA membership - the HA website directed me to this page for the residential option as this is the only one I can attend. Is it still applicable to me? There is only the option to enter a GA membership number. Thank you.


    Julie Keyes Guest


    I see that Independent schools are not eligible, are we still allowed to attend the course for a fee?



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