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Places People Want

A new UK Government took office on 11 May 2010. As a result the content of this course may not always reflect current Government policy.

There are clear indications that settlement as a topic has become too settled and is in need of a shake-up. We need to explore the dynamism of place and people's mobility. We can consider academic perspectives and place-making that involves policies and practical action. Developing this understanding and skills can be based on the everyday and immediate. It can be used as stimulus to look out beyond the familiar. The evidence for communities is all around us. We can evaluate what works and make suggestions for where it doesn't. We have an active part to play in creating 'places people want'.

Does your geography teaching...

  • seek a response based on learners' personal experience?
  • explore the full range of skills for active participation?
  • provide a conceptual framework for evaluating place?
  • illustrate professions and career options with learners?

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This project was run in partnership with the Academy for Sustainable Communities which has since become the Skills and Knowledge team at the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

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