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At the top of every GA email newsletter you'll see a photograph of a mystery location. Just for fun, we're asking you to guess the place and, if you like, chat with other readers about it.

Have you been there? Do you know any interesting facts about it? Can you work out where it is with the help of other readers? Tell us your answers using the comments form below.

There are no prizes for a correct guess, just the satisfaction of being right! We'll reveal the name of the place and the first person to guess correctly here and in the next newsletter.

Last issue's photo is Brixham Harbour. Congratulations to Duncan Hawley who gave the first correct answer.

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Tracey Nichols from Rayburn Tours Guest

Dolwyddelan Castle

David Alan Griffiths

David Alan Griffiths GA Member

Burrow Mump, Somerset?

GA Member

yes, it's Burrow Mump , north east from Taunton. Great views from the top of the hill.

Alison Ewington
Philip's Atlases


Nicola Hawley Guest

It is Burrow Mump in Bridgwater, Somerset. There is a similar church in Uphill, Somerset.

Sarah Louise Todd

Sarah Louise Todd GA Member

It is Burrow Mump, in Somerset, in the village of Burrowbridge .


Adam Nichols Guest

Burrow Mump, south west of Glasto, I just happened upon it while crossing the Somerset Levels between social visits to GA International Special Interest Group stalwarts!

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