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At the top of every GA email newsletter you'll see a photograph of a mystery location. Just for fun, we're asking you to guess the place and, if you like, chat with other readers about it.

Have you been there? Do you know any interesting facts about it? Can you work out where it is with the help of other readers? Tell us your answers using the comments form below.

There are no prizes for a correct guess, just the satisfaction of being right! We'll reveal the name of the place and the first person to guess correctly here and in the next newsletter.

Last issue's photo is Whitby, North Yorkshire. Congratulations to Lauren Spence who gave the first correct answer.

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Joanne Meredith Guest


Paul Wayne Kemp

Paul Wayne Kemp GA Member

Bratislava, Slovakia

With the Novy Most Bridge to the right.

Paul Kemp, Kuwait City


Greg Cracknell Guest


David Alan Griffiths

David Alan Griffiths GA Member

Bratislava, Slovakia


Ron Jackson Guest



John Guest

Old Royal Palace, Prague viewed from the south side of the Manesuv bridge


Elaine Wainwright Guest

Bratislava - taken from UFO bridge


Nick Hughes Guest



Robin Williams Guest

The place is Bratislava, Slovakia on the River Danube. The give a way was the Viking cruises ship which can only travel down large enough rivers due to their length.

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