Resourcing the national curriculum for KS3

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These pages are going to develop as the GA volunteer groups provide more ideas to help you in resourcing the national curriculum in your school.

Resourcing your KS3 curriculum

The 2014 national curriculum is concise and sets out only the core knowledge that students should acquire. You can view key stage 3 at a glance here.

It does not specify approaches to teaching, nor explain how to put the content into a teaching and learning sequence. It is up to teachers to put the flesh on the bare bones of the curriculum document. It is only by the creative art of curriculum making that is interpreting the programmes of study to produce a key stage plan made up of schemes of work with engaging geography lessons work that the curriculum can come to life. Good resources are vital to this and this section provides you and points you towards useful resources.

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The new curriculum has a renewed focus on locational knowledge places, processes and skills.

Menu for KS3 resources

Locational knowledge

Key stage 3 students should extend their locational knowledge and be using globes, maps and atlases routinely in the classroom. Ideas for how to develop locational knowledge with your students.

Places and processes

Students should develop their place knowledge through the study of the human and physical geography of a region within Africa and a region within Asia. Students should also understand key processes in human and physical geography.

Geographical skills

There is an emphasis on Ordnance Survey map skills, fieldwork and Geographical Information Systems.


For free resources and fieldwork ideas.


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