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GA membership is great value too! Personal membership subscriptions are usually allowable expenses for Income Tax purposes. Ask your Tax Office to include your GA subscription in the calculation of your tax code, allowing you to receive tax relief on the amount you pay us. Download a letter template for your local Tax Office here.


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Emmanuel Majebele Lenga Guest

As my name appears, I'm among the members who got to attend the GA conference of 2009 held in Manchester. I appreciate the programs given by the GA to help activating the Geography Subject in schools. All these are to secure our Origin Planet from disappearance since we know that Geography is the only Solution. Immediately after the Conference I decided to join the higher education in my country Tanzania in order to boost up my Education. This is due to challenges I faced during the conference. I hope one day I will be among the RESCUER( campaigner) in this world. I wish All the Best for those who will attend this year's Conference. GA SURVIVE FOR EVER

Lucy Oxley

Lucy Oxley GA Staff

Dear Emmanuel

I am very pleased you enjoyed our Annual Conference and since attending have joined higher education in Tanzania.

With best wishes from all at the GA.

Lucy Oxley
Events Manager


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