Standards for QTS and initial teacher training criteria

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QTS Standards

A revised set of professional standards for teachers were introduced on 1 September 2012. All information relating to the Standards can be found here.

Initial teacher training criteria

All information relating to the various routes into initial teacher training can be accessed here.

Teach First resources and support for the QTS Standards

These pages have been written to offer support and guidance for aspiring teachers on the Teach First programme and are useful for those on all routes into teaching.

The GA’s charitable mission is to further geographical knowledge and understanding through education, and a key aim of Teach First is to ensure that no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. We share the same desire to ensure that all children become confident, happy and ambitious learners who can think geographically. The GA’s manifesto A Different View states:

‘Geography is not a narrow academic subject for the few. It is fundamental for everyone. It starts very early, when a young child encounters and begins to discover the world. Geography can nourish and enrich a whole lifetime of learning’.

Teachers are the key levers in ensuring success and our professional network of teachers provides a rich diet of advice, resources and professional development. This section of the website is designed to support you to become a high quality teacher with a clear vision and the leadership skills to promote a supportive environment for creative teaching and learning within a culture of continuous reflection and self-evaluation.

Teachers' Standards

Useful links

The Mentoring pages on this site provides a comprehensive set of resources for mentors and teacher trainees. The Geography teaching and learning section is particularly useful for those on the Teach First programme, as it includes lesson resources and information about teaching strategies and curriculum planning and learning. It is primarily aimed at geography mentors, but as a trainee you should explore this content over the course of your teacher training. It may also offer you some suggestions if you feel you need more subject specific support in your training.

You should also explore the NQT survival pack, which has been specially compiled by the GA to help guide teachers through their first year.

For teaching resources browse the GA's Resources page, TES Connect and Teachit Geography. Teachit Geography was highly commended by the GA in 2013 for the quality of its resources.

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