About GTIP

Aims of the GTIP project

  • To provide web-based support for PGCE geography tutors
  • To provide information on current thinking, research and resources relevant to geography education
  • To publicise the Annual Conference of Geography Teacher Educators (GTE)
  • To provide support for tutors new to educational research and publishing
  • To provide an induction programme for new geography tutors
  • To enable the GA to maintain a database of geography teachers educators


In 2003 the TTA (Teacher Training Agency) initiated up a web-based project to provide support for the induction of new PGCE tutors in their challenging new roles and funded subject associations to set up projects. The Geographical Association named its project GTIP, Geography Trainer Induction Programme.

The first phase of GTIP (2003-2006), led by Teresa Lenton, provided support for new geography tutors: through Think Pieces (designed to help new tutors plan informed and thought provoking PGCE sessions) and Orientation Pieces (designed to meet their wider professional needs) and through enabling them to attend the annual GTE Conference, including an initial induction event.

The project also enabled the GA to set up a database of geography teacher educators.


In 2006 the TDA (Training and Development Agency for Schools), building on the success of the induction projects, set up the Subject Resources Networks to support teacher educators in fifteen subjects, including geography. The Geographical Association kept the acronym, GTIP, because of its familiarity to geography teacher educators, in spite of the wider remit to meet the needs of all tutors not only those new to the role.

In its second phase, GTIP, led by Margaret Roberts, continues to support the induction of new tutors, to publish presentations from the GTE Conference and to maintain the geography tutor database. It has also increased what is available online by: extending the number of Think Pieces and Orientation Pieces, publishing some reports and articles, adding a bibliography, launching GeogEd E-Journal, and providing links to essential documents and to other sites supporting teacher educators.

The GTIP site aims to be responsive to the needs of PGCE tutors, to the changing nature of PGCE courses with their M-level demands, and to changes in the school curriculum.


GTIP Editorial Board members 2006-2009

  • Clare Brooks (University of London Institute of Education, Editor of GeogEd E-Journal)
  • Teresa Lenton (University of Cumbria, GTIP Project Leader 2003-2006)
  • Margaret Roberts (University of Sheffield [retired], GTIP Project Leader)
  • Ben Steel (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Mel Norman (University of Brighton)
  • David Owen (Sheffield Hallam University)

Plus Geographical Association Staff:

  • Richard Gill (Business Development Manager)
  • Anne Greaves (Website Production Editor)
  • David Lambert (Chief Executive)
  • Fran Royle (Publications and Conferences Manager)


The contributors to this site have all been involved in the initial teacher education of geography teachers at primary or secondary level or both. The names of the author(s) are included at the start of each Think Piece and Orientation Piece.

Frances Soar of the GA oversees the GTIP database - if you are a tutor and you believe your details need updating please contact Milan.


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