WorldWise Week resource packs

WorldWise Week (WWW), formerly known as Geography Awareness Week, comprises of teaching resources for teachers with activities for students at all key stages and abilities. The activities are all linked to the current year's WWW theme and can be downloaded free of charge. The resources are for use either during the designated WWW (during the last complete school week of June each year) or at any other time that may be more convenient for your school.

How to get involved

Simply download the current year's Worldwise Week electronic resources from this page. We would like to see examples of students' work showing their engagement with the current year's WW theme. These can be submitted to us here at the GA (please email details or provide school website links to specifying which key stages your submitted work relates to. Entries received by the end of December each year from the KS3/4 category can be used in support of demonstrating your school's engagement with Worldwise, with a view to the possibility of your school progressing to take part in a future Worldwise Challenge weekend.

When is WorldWise Week and what is this year's theme?

The nominated WWW week is during the last complete school week of June each year. Each year's WWW has a theme that runs through all of the suggested activities. Keep your eyes open for news of the new themed resources for the coming year, which should be available for download in time for the GA Annual Conference (this usually takes place near to the Easter holidays). In the meantime you can still use the WWW resources from previous years (see below).

WorldWise Week 2017 resources

The 2017 theme is Inclusive Geographies

This pack of resources provide activities for students around the theme Inclusive Geographies, which is particularly pertinent in the light of recent national and global political shifts and the possibility that, around the world, the ability to understand, value and respect others could be slipping through our fingers if we are not careful. Both human and physical geography can help young people understand differences – in places, people, and events - and in doing so enable them to look outward, beyond themselves, in order to be ‘inclusive’.

Download 2017 resource pack

Resource packs from previous years

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1 Comment


Mrs Wendy Marsh Guest


I am a Geog coordinator in a primary school and we would like to take part in the new World Wise week, as we have previously took part in Geog Awareness week, however I can only find resources for this for Secondary and post 16. Do you have resources available for KS1 and 2 children?

Thanks you for your help.

Kind Regards
Wendy Marsh

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