WorldWise is the Geographical Association’s way of communicating directly to young people. We hope to inspire a lifelong curiosity about the earth and our place on it. Through quizzes, classroom activities and national and international competitions, Worldwise provides young people with opportunities to broaden and explore their knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts and processes in a world of change.

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Local quiz

The local quiz format involves a University challenge style face-to-face quizz for multiple teams of three students, aimed at the Y8–10 age range. Quizzes are arranged for schools in an area by a local organiser and the question rounds are supplied free from the GA.

There may already be an established event between schools in your area that you can join (possibly coordinated by a local GA branch) or you may wish to organise a new event yourself - either by inviting local schools to join with yours or by running an 'in-house' event. Once you have the question rounds supplied by the GA you can choose whether to include all rounds supplied by the GA or to choose a sample set according to your particular needs.

To find out more email


WorldWise Week

WorldWise Week (WWW), previously known as Geography Awareness Week, comprises a range of suggestions and ideas for activities that students can undertake from Early Years right through to KS5. The activities are linked to the current year's WWW theme and are available in electronic format that can be downloaded for free.


Online quizzes

Online quiz questions in various formats for primary and secondary students to test their geographical knowledge.


My Places

Primary and secondary (including post 16) students upload images with accompanying text to explain why the place they have chosen is significant to them.


Worldwise Challenge

The culmination of Worldwise for secondary schools is the annual Worldwise Challenge competition, funded by the Field Studies Council. This is a free-of-charge residential weekend (from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) of fieldwork activities aimed at Y9-11.

To find out more, read about the 2013 Worldwise Challenge competition.


Worldwise International Competition (post 16)

The Geographical Association's annual international competition, which focuses on a geographical issue that is relevant to young people, provides fantastic opportunities for post 16 students. It allows them to engage with a current aspect of geography, to research it beyond the text book and provide a reflective, evidenced based view of the issue from different perspectives.

The four winners go on to represent Team UK at the annual International Geography Olympiad. Recent destinations for the competition have included Brisbane, Tunis, Taipei, Cologne and Kyoto.

Read about Team UK’s success at the 2013 competition.

Click here to find out about the 2014 competition.

Details about the International Olympiad competition can be found here.

Outstanding Geography Student Award

As part of Worldwise the GA has teamed up with Discover the World to give your students the opportunity to win a four night trip to Iceland! Students must answer one of a series of essay questions, explain why they should win the award, how they will benefit from the experience and how they will use geography in the future. Visit the Discover the World website to find out more.

Please note: Some Worldwise activities require students to log in. As a teacher, you must first register your school on the site - you can do this here. After this has been completed students will be able to set up their own accounts - they can do this here. Registration is free and will give students access to their 'My Places', previous quiz scores and a printable Worldwise certificate.

Visit the Worldwise website to find out more or contact Ricky Buck if you have any queries.

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