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Geographical Association Network

Ning is short for networking and we've created the Geographical Association Ning as a website where you can meet and chat with other members about anything related to geography and/or teaching. It's great for putting faces to names and for having an online chinwag with people you've communicated with via email or met at events. The Ning forms part of the GA/APG mission to form support networks across the UK and is proving a huge success.

The site also contains a selection of 'Groups' which are discrete sections for individual interest groups such as GA Working Groups, the Primary and Secondary Quality Marks, and GIS in the Classroom. Ning members are encouraged to join special interest groups, or can even create their own!

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Primary Geography Champions Network

In addition to the Geographical Association Ning, we've also set up a Primary Geography Champions Ning for people engaged in the Primary Champions scheme and primary practitioners looking for online and local support.

Since 2008, 54 Champions have been appointed across the nine regions of England to help pool local expertise and promote quality geography in primary schools. The Champions have been challenged to engage with at least 1500 primary teachers and to ensure that geography retains its place amongst those curriculum areas that are characterised by excellence and enjoyment.

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