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The GA International Initiatives Fund provides annual awards to support geographical educators around the world.

Case studies of previous award winners (PDF download)

Kampala scheme of work resources - resulting from a link between The King Alfred School (KAS) in Somerset and the Charles Lwanga School in Kampala. Benedict Ssaazi was able to visit KAS in November 2015 because of a GAIIF award.


The key purposes of the GA International Initiatives Fund are:

  • to promote educational initiatives between individuals and associations concerned with geographical education across the globe
  • to enhance the quality of geographical education through the exchange of expertise and experience (e.g. by supporting overseas applicants in attending the GA's Annual Conference)
  • to enhance international communication and encourage the exchange of good practice in the teaching and learning of geography



  • should be committed geography educators, involved in full-time geographical and/or related education
  • should have been a member of their national GA or equivalent subject association for at least one year
  • are normally individuals

Although new initiatives are particularly encouraged, applications to support the development of existing projects will be considered.

How much funding is available?

The sum given to individuals is usually between £250 and £1,500. This is rarely enough to defray all expenses. Three to four awards are made each year. Awards will not be made for:

  • funding field parties or group travel
  • a visit if it is part of a personal holiday
  • completion of higher education studies.

Follow up / Feedback

UK GA members, whose award enables them to undertake overseas visits, will be asked to promote GA activities and membership (publicity material will be provided).

On completion, all recipients of GA International Initiatives funding must send one or more of the following to the awarding panel:

  1. a brief statement of the project objectives (100 words)
  2. a written report (1000-2000 words) to GA headquarters, including:

    1. brief description of work undertaken and organisations or people involved
    2. outline of results of the project - including, for example, copies of case studies, displays, conference report
    3. long-term proposed use of the outcomes - where possible
    4. brief statement of account
  3. a display and/or presentation for the GA Annual Conference
  4. teaching resources with notes on how they might be used by pupils and teachers. Where appropriate, further guidance on dissemination will be provided
  5. a summary report: for inclusion in GA News or on this website (100 words)

What is expected will depend on the nature of the project, the locality and the applicant's interests. The task and due date will be identified clearly when the award is offered to the applicant.

How to apply

To apply, download and complete the GAIIF application form (PDF, 182k) and send to the Chair of the GAIIF Panel c/o GA headquarters by 31 August each year.

The awarding panel considers the applications during October.

The application should be made and signed by the person seeking funds. Where it is made on behalf of an overseas applicant he or she should be named and must sign the application. A copy of the completed application form should be sent to the overseas applicant to ensure he or she is fully conversant with the conditions of the grant.

A supporting reference, from a headteacher, head of department or equivalent, is normally required.

Applicants should pay particular attention to the criteria stated above before applying.

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