Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group


Chair: Nick Lapthorn

Our Aims

The Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group brings together members with an interest in the pursuit of geography in the field and seeks to promote out-of-classroom activity as an essential part of geographical education.

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What we do

We contribute articles on fieldwork issues to GA journals and have worked on a number of GA publications including the Primary and Secondary Geography Handbooks.

During 2005 Managing Safe and Successful Fieldwork was published, giving guidance on fieldwork planning at all levels. 2006 saw the publication of Fieldwork File: For the Primary Years while a Secondary version was published in 2009. All of these titles can be purchased at the GeographyShop.

We regularly lead seminars and workshops at the GA's Annual Conference. These focus on particular aspects of fieldwork at primary, secondary and post-16 levels.

We will continue to monitor fieldwork issues and will report our results at meetings.


(Updated 22.07.10)

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