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Welcome to the Branch pages. There are currently nearly 40 Branches affiliated to the Geographical Association in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you would like information adding to your branch page, please contact Milan Recknagel.

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Charlotte Hursey Guest

I am looking for a contact for the Durham branch - there is a flag on the map but no details appear.

On behalf of the Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership


Tim Nutt Guest

The Leicester branch appears on the map but there is no link to further details...

GA Member

Hi Tim

Unfortunately the Leicester Branch has ceased to exist. Apologies for the out of date map - we'll be getting it updated soon!


GA Member

The East Midlands seems to be a bit barren, I'm in Nottingham and closest seems to be Lincoln, any advice?

John Lyon

John Lyon GA Staff

Hi Mark, unfortunately as Anne says, the Leicester branch has now closed so Lincoln is your nearest I’m afraid. The Lincoln branch is active, as is Sheffield, but that's a long way to go. You could look to set something up locally if you have the time (and energy!). When I was looking to set up a new branch I started very small and invited a few colleagues to a 'bring and brag' or 'show and tell' with an agenda that was just around 'bring your most interesting lesson ideas/units of work to share'. Bring one good idea and go away with however many come to the meeting was how I billed it. You can also have a small amout of time for a collective 'sharing of issues' but with a focus on helping each other to develop solutions. If that becomes embedded, say once a term, set up a branch, claim subventions etc from the GA and look at developing a programme, inviting speakers etc if you wish. We would help with that - contacts, ideas etc. Alan P set this kind of thing up effectively - sometimes he suggested in schools, sometimes as a 'beer meet'.

Kate Russell

Kate Russell GA Member

Is Stoke on Trent too far for GA member from East Midlands - we do get people from Derby - we meet in Stoke on Trent

J Tomlinson

J Tomlinson GA Member

Hi wish branches would keep their details up to date. Some appear not to have sent in current programmes

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