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Register of Research in Primary Geography

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The Register of Research in Primary Geography (RRPG) is a central database of action and investigative research. It is intended for collaborative use by primary teachers, teacher trainers and those concerned with pupils' perception in the subject of geography and associated disciplines.

The RRPG has also published papers covering all aspects of teaching and learning in the classroom and outdoors, and the outcomes of different strategies used for geography and cross-curricular work.

Free resources for researchers

A number of resources for primary education researchers are available on these pages:

  • Getting Started - guidance on beginning a research project including links to relevant websites and journals plus some ideas for research topics
  • Research Articles - numerous published articles available as downloadable PDFs
  • Examples of Research - samples of methods suitable at all levels of action research


The RRPG network consists of different kinds of researchers from the UK and abroad:

  • Those who have developed classroom research on a large scale
  • Final year and postgraduate students who are developing action research and small-scale case study investigations.
  • Newly-qualified teachers and experienced co-ordinator teachers who use their own classes to participate in research projects.
  • Academics, teacher trainers, local authority advisers and inspectors.

The GA's Early Years & Primary Phase Committee endorses the Register, which is currently co-ordinated by Julia Tanner.


The full Register of Research in Primary Geography is updated regularly and we welcome new researchers. The directory is for closed circulation only and personal information is not given to any other organisation. If you wish to be included, provide details as follows:

Download Registration Form

New correspondents please complete the Registration Form and send it to Rachel Bowles by post: 9, Humber Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7LS or email. Further information and forms are available on the Geographical Association Network Early Years and Primary Practitioners Group.

Current correspondents are also invited to send new or updated information to Rachel Bowles.


The Register of Research in Primary Geography has led to the publication of several papers which are currently being made available as PDFs on the Research Articles page.

  • Special Publication No.1 Researching Primary Geography - edited by Simon Catling and Fran Martin - includes 24 papers given at Charney Manor conferences, covering the state of research in primary geography and its future direction and development, pedagogy and the development of geography.
  • Occasional Paper No.1 Raising Achievement with keynote papers by Anthea Millet (Action Research in the Classroom) and Simon Catling (The Importance of Classroom Research).
  • Occasional Paper No.2 Best Practice - with keynote papers by Jean McNiff (Action Research), Simon Catling (Good Practice turned into Research) and Steven Higgins (Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom).
  • Occasional Paper No.3 Bibliography - in preparation. This is intended to guide those entering upon practical classroom research for the first or second time, and to further inform those who have perceived an area for investigation at primary or middle school level.
  • Occasional Paper No.4 Place and Space - with keynote papers by Diane Swift (Valuing Places) Bill Boyle (Assessment) and from practitioners who research curriculum matters, place, the outdoor classroom, place and space skills, and ICT.

Hard copies are available in limited quantities in most ITT university libraries.


Reports for publication are invited by the Editor and these may be in addition to material submitted to Primary Geography. Reports should ideally contain three subheadings: initial stimulation and enquiry, methodology and data; conclusions and consequences together with appropriate tables and images/illustrations. Send to the Register Editor 9, Humber Road, Blackheath, London SAE3 7LS.

Rachel Bowles
March 2014

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