Images of Southern Africa - Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay, Cape Peninsula

Bantry Bay is one of the most sought-after property locations in Cape Town. During the 2004 summer season, rental prices reached SAR17,000 per day (about £1500). An apartment in this area can cost about SAR1 million (£88,000). For this reason, Bantry Bay remains a white-only area. Thus, these properties illustrate issues of segregation, wealth, property investment and security. They also illustrate the extent to which limited geographical spaces can be developed by building upwards.

At Bantry Bay facilities such as water, electricity and sewage disposal are the norm, as are swimming pools, under-floor heating and security systems. Contrast this with the ‘Mandela homes’ in Photo 7 Note also the number of trees in the environment compared with the homes in Lesotho (Lesotho housing 1 and Lesotho housing 2) and those in Transkei ('Mandela homes').

Ideas for further exploration:

  • What other ‘white-only’ areas, similar to Bantry Bay, exist in modern Cape Town?
  • What problems do areas such as these pose for the current South African government wishing to develop a multi-racial, post-apartheid ‘rainbow’ nation?
  • Examine the examples of housing in Lesotho (Lesotho housing 1 and Lesotho housing 2) and Transkei (' Mandela homes') and these in Bantry Bay. List the main differences and similarities.

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