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Each year the GA’s International Special Interest Group (ISIG) organises an overseas Study tour specifically for geography teachers. The tours aim to introduce geographical educators to key aspects of the contemporary geography of the destination country.

Past Tours have included visits to China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Poland and South Africa and this year we are visiting Singapore and Malaysia. Booking for the 2016 study tour to Singapore and Malaysia is now closed.

The ISIG regrets that it has not been able to arrange a suitable Caribbean tour for 2017. Work is underway on a study tour for 2018 and expressions of interest will be invited when planning is further advanced.

Cooler China Study tour 2014

For its 6th visit since 2000, after Beijing and the Great Wall, the tour took a path less frequented by foreign visitors.

The tour ran from 29 July to 12 August, passing Beijing, Harbin (Heilongjiang Prov.), Changchun (Jilin), Shenyang and Dalian (Liaoning) in the North East region of the country.

The itinerary aimed to address geographical themes of urban development and planning, water resource management and flood control, wetland conservation, population policy and dynamics, tourism 'honeypot' management, volcanic landscapes, agricultural change, transport geography (HS railways, port development)... among others.

Ethiopia Study tour 2013

A collection of resources was produced by participants of the tour that investigate a range of topics, including 'villigisation', trade, aid and development, that affect the countries inhabitants.

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