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This section has been created for the purpose of disseminating information from research papers and reports, including action and investigative research, concerning geography education.


Register of research in primary geography

The Register of Research in Primary Geography (RRPG) is a central database of action and investigative research. It is intended for collaborative use by primary teachers, teacher trainers and those concerned with pupils' perception in the subject of geography and associated disciplines.



Geography Education Research Collective (GEReCo)

A collective dedicated to the promotion of geography education through research and publication. GEReCo is a group of 13 teacher educators who joined together four years ago with the shared purpose of creating and disseminating research in geography education.



GTIP - Theory into Practice Book Samples

The aim of Theory into Practice is to take aspects of current research into geographical education and relate them directly to classroom practice.




GTIP library

Articles from IRGEE, the CitiZED website and the TTRB, comprehensive listings of selected journal articles published in the last ten years, reports of interest to the GTE community and extracts from the GA's Theory into Practice publications.




Geography and development education (PDF download)

This report is part of discussions and research taking place within the Research Centre on learning and understanding about development within education. 




RIGEO: Review of International Geographical Education Online

Review of International Geographical Education Online (RIGEO) is an international online refereed geographical education journal which welcomes articles on all aspects of geographical education at all levels of the education system.



Connecting policy and practice: Research in geography education (PDF download)

This user review is a selective synopsis of a full research study (Rawling, 2001a) which focused on the impact of national educat ional policies on the school subject of geography in the 1980-2000 period.




the GA's online journal for geography ITE tutors (2007-2012). GeogEd publishes original draft articles reporting research in the field of geographical education. GeogEd differs from other journals in that the articles in it are not completed articles but 'work in progress'. It is hoped that they can be refined and developed with a view to submitting for full publication in other refereed academic journals.

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George Guest

Hi, I will be 16 on 11/09/14, and I am a very enthusiastic geographer who plans to enter an academic career in Geography. I believe my age makes me eligible to enter the competition for iGeo 2015. If I can fairly complete the essay and entrance competition to a higher standard than older students, does the judging pledge not to overlook my application in favour of others because of their higher age?

Mark J Higginbottom

Mark J Higginbottom GA Member

Dear George

As you will be aged between 16 and 19 yrs on the first day of the competition you are more than welcome to enter, and will be judged on the merits of your essay.


Ellen Hampson Guest

Are geographers from NZ permitted to enter? Is this an international competition?
Ellen Hampson

Milan Recknagel

Milan Recknagel GA Staff

Hi Ellen,

Unfortunately not. Although it is an ‘International Competition’, this is about the UK round to identify a team to go on to the ‘International Competition’.

The winners of this round will then represent TeamUK. They will be required to attend a meeting for the team in the UK before hand and engage fully with raising their own sponsorship.


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