The Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM)

What is the Primary Geography Quality Mark?

The Quality Mark is a powerful auditing and accreditation tool available to GA members that enables your school to review, share and build on best practice to ensure that each and every pupil is engaged in dynamic and engaging learning which is contextualised by the world around them.

Refer to the Introduction to the PGQM (PDF), which summarises the award process and answers some frequently asked questions.

The PGQM timeline (PDF) gives an overview of the PGQM from start to finish including ideas of what you could be doing when.

Why should your school apply?

The process

From the moment a child first walks in through your school’s front gate equipping them fully for the wide and wonderful array of experiences that await each day is your primary aim. The PGQM is a process of reflection which celebrates achievements, encourages creative and critical thinking and identifies school priorities to help pupils become responsible global citizens.

‘The framework helped focus staff and pupils on the richness of the subject, allowing us to identify communicate and celebrate learning inspired by relevant, imaginative and interesting activities and challenges.’

‘It highlighted geography’s pivotal role in linking the real world to the academic one and by doing so its strategic importance in delivering other areas of the primary curriculum.’

Professional validation

The award applications are reviewed, assessed and moderated by our highly experienced National Moderation Team which consists of ex-local authority advisors, GA consultants and current teachers, all with extensive expertise in delivering and supporting high quality learning in geography.

Global Learning Programme

GLP partner schools can register and pay using e-credits. Not a GLP Partner School? Go to the GLP website to find out more and look to see how schools exemplify and support quality global learning through the Geography Quality Marks. In particular the PGQM Wales version (PDF) (click here for Welsh translation) designed to support schools in Wales has been developed by taking into account best practice in global learning and ESDGC and guidance from Estyn.

Can I see some examples?

There are 4 sections to the PGQM framework: 1, Supporting Achievement 2, Supporting Teaching 3, Behaviour and Relationships 4, Leadership and Management. Each of these sections contain 3 key indicators e.g. A1 knowledge, A2 skills, A3 values and attitudes and a Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) strand.

  • Non members can access examples relating to one key indicator: Section A1 (PDF) with accompanying exemplar evidence and guidance notes (PDF).
  • GA members can access further framework content for the Achievement Strand (A1, A2, A3) with example material can be accessed by GA members here.
  • Registered schools get free access to the PGQM VLE, a comprehensive password protected website containing everything you need to know about the Quality Mark and a variety of resources to help you audit geography in your school including:

 - Full self-assessment framework

 - Action plans

 - Exemplar materials from other schools

 - Guidance on preparing your application.

How can your school apply?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…4!

  1. Ensure that your school has current Geographical Association membership
  2. Apply online now or download the registration Form, following the deadlines outlined below.
  3. Receive your individual log in details to access the VLE
  4. Enjoy continuous support throughout your application process as the framework guides you through the decision of which level to apply for and then how to gather evidence from across your school.

If you have any questions or would like to find out additional informaiton, refer to the PGQM FAQs or email Julie Beattie.

Annual Deadlines

Register by: Submit final application by Moderation during Notified of award by: Presented at GA Annual Conference:
31 October each year End of May each year June-September each year October each year April each year


First time and returning QM school costs (GBP)
Very small schools up to 99 pupils 275
Small schools 100-249 pupils 330
Medium schools 250-399 pupils 385
Large schools >400 pupils 440

GLP Partner schools can register and pay for the SGQM using GLP e-credits. Simply log-in on the GLP website to sign up now. Not a GLP Partner School? Go to the GLP website to find out more.

We can arrange for a GA Consultant to visit your school to support you in your QM journey, please visit our consultancy pages for further information.

PGQM registration form

* = compulsory

Please indicate year applied for:


Please confirm the Headteacher agrees to your school participating in the Geographical Association Primary Geography Qaulity Mark:


Have you received the award before?


Where did you hear about the PGQM?

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It won't let me access the further framework content for the Achievement Strand (A1, A2, A3) with example material? I'm a GA member but the link takes me to the home page

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