Geography Quality Marks

Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Mark Frameworks

The Quality Mark assessment frameworks have been updated in the light of recent Ofsted guidance, Teacher Standards and National College of School Leadership advice. They are also now designed to link with the Global Learning Programme.

The Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Marks are awards which recognise quality and progress in geography leadership, curriculum development, learning and teaching in school. As well as acknowledging excellence within a whole school, they also indicate effective team leadership and high quality geography teaching.

The self-assessment frameworks can be used as a tool for reviewing the school or department and can identify areas where geography teaching and learning can be improved.

At secondary level, the whole team takes part in an ongoing process of curriculum review, identifying priorities for departmental CPD, sharing good practice around a framework for encouraging creative and critical thinking about curriculum making and developing a dynamic, relevant KS3.

"... Within my own department, the SGQM was both a fantastic CPD and self evaluation process. As a team we were able to reflect on and evaluate our current practice ..."

Links between the Quality Mark and the SSAT Lead Practitioner accreditation

The GA and the SSAT have collaborated in order to more clearly define the links between the Geographical Association Quality Mark and SSAT Lead Practitioner status and to encourage teachers to undertake one or both of these accreditation pathways.

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