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Planning with the 'big picture' in mind

This section is based on the PowerPoint Planning for Geography and Global Learning.

The aim is to take you on a learning journey. First you are encouraged to think about planning for global learning using an adapted framework originally devised by TIDE~.

You are then introduced to a more complex view of the learning cycle. This is best viewed in slideshow mode so that the enquiry cycle is revealed in a step by step way.

Teaching about the unfamiliar

So often in the primary classroom we are asked to teach about issues of which we know very little. So where do we turn to find out more? It's always best to start with what we do know and feel about an issue, but where do we turn next? Slide 4 is designed to provide a prompt check list to start you thinking.

Activity: Teaching about the rainforest

Slides 5-25 provide a number of ideas and highlight resources that you could use when teaching about the rainforest.

  1. Once you have decided on your theme or issue research this area using the internet.
  2. Using this PowerPoint as a template, insert your own resources, links and images. So, for example, if you decided that your issue was going to be Chocolate and Fair Trade you could change the WWF website for the Pa Pa Paa website.
  3. Share your adapted PowerPoint with a colleague.

Getting down to detail: starting with picture books and stories

As well as thinking about big picture planning, you can also use these focused pro forma planning sheets to help ensure that geography is at the heart of your teaching and learning.

We'd love to know if you find these useful and invite you to share any that you have adapted to link with your own resources - get in touch using the form below.

Activity: Researching a new teaching activity

Research a new teaching and learning activity, try it with your class and then share the outcome with another teacher colleague. Use the website links below to get you started.

There are a number of publications and places on the internet where you can find valuable activities that promote higher levels of engagement and thinking in order to support children in their learning of geography. 

Sense impressions

Going to school in India

Starting with images/using artefacts

A different view - images and activities
Visual Geography

Oxfam - images and artefacts

South Yorkshire Development Education Centre - Projects

Online mapping

Young Geographers Go Local - an investigation of the local area using online maps
My Walks and Messy Maps

Thinking skills

Newcastle University - Background reading on thinking skills
Visual Geography - using research frames

SLN - Living graphs

Case study one: Project Amazonas >>>

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