Food Security

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Food security refers to the availability and accessibility of food and is an issue that affects everyone. It is a lively and engaging topic that embraces young people's geography and experiences. It is also a controversial issue and like all such issues requires some sensitivity when taught about in the classroom. This course is designed to help you overcome the barriers to tackling these sorts of topics.

The units in this course contain a range of readymade activities and resources that can be used as they are or adapted to challenge and inspire your students. It will also introduce you to a variety of online and other sources that can be used to resource what is a constantly changing situation. In addition, you will be guided through the production and evaluation of a multimedia classroom presentation.

This course complements the CPD units on The Geography of Food which look at some of the wider issues regarding food production and consumption.

As with all of our online CPD courses, you may choose to work the entire course or choose the units that seem most useful and appropriate to you.

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Course Units

Many thanks to Oxfam for their permission to use their images that illustrate this course. Particular thanks go to John McLaverty for his cooperation with The Perfect Storm unit.

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