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Geography courses for primary and secondary teachers

These CPD courses are all free of charge and there's no need to register. They can be completed whenever you like and at your own pace.

Each course has been written by a primary or secondary geography specialist and comes complete with resources to use in your classroom. The courses cover a range of themes from outdoor learning to food security.

The GA provides more high quality CPD for primary and secondary teachers through a range of face-to-face courses and our popular Annual Conference.

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My Place, Your Place, Our Place
Phase: KS1-2
What do sustainability and community cohesion really mean for learners in primary education? This family of courses explores the relationships between identity and place by drawing on some key geographical processes and understanding.

Community Cohesion Part One
Phase: KS3-4
This is the first of two courses focusing on community cohesion. It explores the relationships between community cohesion and diversity and some key geographical concepts and processes.

Community Cohesion Part Two
Phase: KS3-4
This course comprises four activities which build on the ideas introduced in Community Cohesion Part One. The first three activities can be approached in any order and when they have been completed, a plenary activity rounds the courses off.

GIS: Getting it Sorted
Phase: KS3-4
This course takes you through the basics of GIS and explains how and why you should use it with your students. It introduces a number of GIS and visualisation tools and offers a range of classroom activities.

Geography and the Global Dimension
Phase: KS1-2
This course looks at geography's contribution to learning about the global dimension. In many ways we might expect geography to be at the core of any work that includes a global dimension because human geography is all about people and places and how we live in the world today.


Themed CPD for KS1-5

A series of CPD courses funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) designed to support geography teachers with their continuous professional development.

Food Security
Phase: KS3-4
Ideas and resources for teaching about food security and the global food crisis in the classroom.

Phase: KS3-4
As a topic migration has an obvious relevance to all our lives but it remains one of those 'difficult' topics to teach.

Secondary Subject Leadership
Phase: KS3
This course provokes thought and discussion about how geography is taught and managed at Key Stage 3.

Primary Subject Leadership
Phase: KS1-2
How can primary subject leaders and school management teams 'lead' the development of geography in the curriculum?

Young Geographers Go Local
Phase: KS1-2
This course is focused on helping children explore their own personal geographies in a local context.

Young Geographers Go Global
Phase: KS1-2
Helping children to develop their visual literacy by encouraging them to 'read' images of children in other places.

Young Geographers Go Green
Phase: KS1-2
What role does geography play in enabling the sustainable agenda in schools to be encountered, developed and enacted?

Other online courses

Places People Want
Phase: KS3-4
There are clear indications that settlement as a topic has become too settled and is in need of a shake-up. This CPD unit looks at how we might seek a response based on learners' personal experience and provide a conceptual framework for evaluating place.

Valuing Places CPD Units
Phase: KS2-3
These CPD units share tasters of the 'big ideas' that the Valuing Places project explored. Many of these focus on images of China but can be applied to other resources. Each idea is accompanied by a curriculum review activity and a classroom idea.

Exploring our global village
Phase: KS3
This online CPD course is designed for individuals or, more effectively, geography departments to guide discussions around the way that global learning is embedded in curriculum planning and assessment.

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Shehu babangida Abubakar Guest

Nice presentation


Stacey Guest

It would be good if after each module that you look at there was a printable certificate to say you had done it as evidence for your CPD file - something like name, date and module title.

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