Geography Matters - the newsletter of the Post-16 and HE Committee

Geography Matters is a free newsletter produced by the GA's Post 16 & HE Phase Committee. It features articles on a range of issues affecting post 16 geography education and articles on topics covered at post-16.


  • Chair’s notes
  • Remaking place: King’s Cross Central
  • Culture, Events and Placemaking
  • The Sediment Budget in Deserts: More than Just Sand
  • Applying Geography: Land Referencing to Support Infrastructure Development
  • Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion
  • Going to University: the Student View
  • The Hunger Games: Food Inequality in the 21st century
  • Why are Black and Ethnic Minority groups under-represented in Geography Education?


  • Chair’s notes
  • Urban places in the making
  • UK Festival Industry and climate change
  • Black Portraits -Making Geographical Connections through Political Communication 
  • Big Beyond
  • BTEC National in Environmental Sustainability
  • Planning for the linear A-level course
  • Cast you eye on this! Planet Earth
  • Managing the Independent Investigation in A-Level Geography 
  • 21 Lessons learned from the new A-levels in 2015
  • Synopticity: How can we develop students’ capacity to make synoptic links?
  • Plantation Politics
  • IRIS and Geographical Research
  • Climate change and development in the Tonlé Sap region
  • Starting to teach the Carbon Cycle
  • The Magic of Magnotes
  • The Economic impact of meetings and business events in Britain
  • Impact of the Secondary Geography Mark
  • Making an Impact in geography education
  • Making an Impact in the construction industry
  • Point of View: our meat consumption and its global impact
  • Chair’s notes
  • Geography: crossing boundaries is no problem for the incredible subject
  • Iceland – innovations in green energy production
  • Eco-Schools
  • A-level Geography: the verdict
  • Teaching Extreme Weather
  • Inequalities in Health Care Provision
  • Chair’s Notes
  • Egypt and the Arab Spring Helen Hore 3
  • New technology can enhance teaching in Geography
  • British School
  • Setting up a GA local branch for sixth formers
  • PGCE to NQT
  • Analysis of change in A-level grades requirements
  • My favourite case study
  • The Growth of Business Tourism in Barcelona
  • Who are the Post 16-HE Phase Committee?
  • Chairs Notes
  • Student Voices: promoting A level Geography
  • Studying Geography at University: is it for me?
  • En route for Oxbridge
  • Using GIS to investigate coastal management - for real or virtual fieldwork
  • Statistical Enquiry into Water and Wealth
  • Piracy, supply shocks and energy security
  • Globalisation of health: is the world feeling better?
  • Who are the Post 16-HE Phase Committee?
  • The view from the Chair, Viv Pointon
  • Sustainable Living in the Middle East
  • Foreign direct investment in tourism
  • Cuba and superpowers
  • Pre-U: a genuine alternative?
  • Every picture tells a story! The Guardian Eyewitness series
  • Managing hazards - dealing with risk

The photograph found on page 12 © Mohammad Sajjad/AP/Press Association Images. This photo may not be republished without permission.

  • An arid discussion while others feel the heat
  • Global climate change and water supplies: winners and losers
  • Opportunities for Geography in the 14 – 19 Humanities and Social Sciences Diploma
  • June at Chichester College
  • The globalisation of health: funding health in the developing world                       
  • The School Seismology project
  • Another take on 'A Different View' from an (access to) HE perspective
  • Conference 2010 Events  
  • Chair's notes
  • From the Editor
  • Some guidelines for contributors      
  • Is the world really in the grip of a food crisis?
  • The Big Dry: The Australian drought and the Murray Darling basin
  • Investigating river flooding in Uckfield, East Sussex
  • Crowded coasts, rebranded urban places and some old-fashioned regional geography
  • Developing coastal fieldwork
  • And finally…
  • Chair's notes
  • Obituary: Alan Marriott
  • Editorial: Changing Geography – again!
  • How to choose a Geography specification for the 21st century
  • A preview of the Pre-U
  • A view from the front line
  • Summarising the AS/A level specifications
  • Fieldwork at AS/A2 level from 2008
  • Geography and the new 14-19 Diplomas
  • Out and about in Yorkshire
  • Sustainable tourism: contemporary issues and challenges
  • 2008: The GA Conference in Guildford
  • Chair's notes
  • Editorial: The future for A Levels
  • An analysis of change in A Level grade requirements for HE between 2002 and 2007
  • The transition from A Level to degree geography: Discussions with staff and students at selected universities
  • Behind the waterfall: Why do fieldwork?
  • Report on the GA Post-16 & HE Holbeck Urban Village field excursion, October 2006
  • Chair's notes
  • Editorial: The Changing Face of Geography
  • Good News for Geography - and Good News for the GA: The Action Plan for Geography
  • Adult Learning
  • Urban Regeneration: Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds
  • Using Differentiation in Case Study Teaching
  • A case study of suburbanisation: Monkspath in Solihul
  • Editorial: Geography at the coal face or the mouse mat?
  • Geography: 14-19 - The Tomlinson proposals - A geography response to some of the main points.
  • Marine tourism: a case study of sustainable marine tourism in the Maldives.
  • Uganda: An example of local innovation in response to international change.
  • Living in a Globalised World.
  • Madeira – a modern holiday paradise or development chaos?
  • River Restoration - Has your local river had a make-over?
  • The Leeds Waterfront: Urban Regeneration Field Excursion and Update.
  • Historical Geography: Expanding National Archive of Railway Oral History.
  • Editorial
  • Chair's notes
  • UGANDA: An example of local innovation in response to international change
  • PACKAGING PLACES: Place promotion with reference to bids made by UK cities to become European Capital of Culture 2008
  • In Remembrance of George Metcalfe and Brian Harris
  • REVIEW: 'Geomorphology Resource Pack: Upper Wharfedale'
  • Notice Board

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