Making Geographical Connections

In 2016 the GA’s Annual Conference will be held at University Place, The University of Manchester's newest conference facility, on Thursday 7–Saturday 9 April.

The Conference will explore the connections that give geography its dynamism and relevance to the lives of our students, whatever their age and ambition.

By its very nature geography is a ‘connected subject’ with obvious spatial and temporal links across many subjects as well as connections to research in a variety of fields, ranging from emotional, cultural and socio-economic environments to climate change and glaciology. The Annual Conference is an opportunity to not only celebrate and share those links which we have developed in all phases and across all areas, but also consider future connections that could and should be made. It provides an arena for considering questions such as:

  • How do young children connect with the world around them and how could this change in the future?
  • Our older students appear to be globally connected via technology, but how does this impact upon their knowledge and understanding of geography?
  • What is the nature of the connections we, as professionals, make that influence the content and approaches to our teaching?
  • How can we become ‘better connected’ and how can we achieve this?

The theme asks important questions about the nature, development and future of our subject. Contributions from all sectors of the geographical community are welcomed to encourage a shared understanding of geography and its vital place in education. It would be especially valuable to have examples of how a connection with geography has offered a pathway, and utility, to other professions.

The Conference will offer something for all those connected with geography, from the EYFS teacher to the academic researcher. Don’t miss it!

Steve Rawlinson
GA President 2015-16

Official 2016 Conference Sponsors

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