GA Strategic Development Plan: 2014-2019

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The Geographical Association exists to further geographical knowledge and understanding through education. Our work, since our foundation in 1893, is founded on our belief that geographical education enriches the lives of all young people and that a dynamic subject community is built on professional participation and innovation.

The GA’s values are:

  • geographical education enriches the lives of all young people
  • a dynamic subject community is built on participation and innovation
  • an independent Association demands stable finances.

Our Strategic Plan sets out what we want to achieve over the next five years, and how we plan to achieve it. It helps us to set our direction, prioritise what we do and reflect on how well we are doing. The draft plan has been written in consultation with GA staff, trustees and volunteers. Now you have an opportunity to comment on our ideas.

Our vision and aims for 2020

‘Providing a trusted voice for geography in education’

In the increasingly complex and faster-changing world of education, the GA will position itself as a source of trustworthy and authoritative advice and guidance on all matters relating to geography in education. We will provide support to teachers and advice to government and other organisations so that the benefits to learners of a quality geographical education are made clear.

Our strategic aims will guide our work and help achieve this vision. Each of the aims is necessarily broad, intended to have relevance over the entire planning period and provide a sense of strategic direction. Under each aim we have identified some strategic priorities. These will help us to focus our actions on an annual basis.

Strategic aim 1 - Meet professional and educational needs

As the leading subject association for all teachers of geography, we need to engage and support geography education professionals at every stage of their careers. We will provide students with the quality materials they need to learn, and teachers with the practical help and advice they need to teach, alongside the professional guidance needed to develop their expertise. To extend the range of GA support, we will also find ways to extend help to non-members, in ways that do not undermine the benefits of membership.

Strategic aim 2 - Demonstrate the value of geographical education

Although the range of school settings is widening and the competition for space within the curriculum remains intense, the GA’s Manifesto makes clear that geography is a fundamental part of everyone’s education. By drawing on the evidence of research and classroom practice, and by working constructively in partnership with others, we will ensure that teachers, school leaders, policy makers, the media and other relevant organisations appreciate the rich opportunities for learning offered by geography and its role in promoting personal and intellectual development for young people.

Strategic aim 3 - Use our resources efficiently and sustainably

In order to maintain its independence and support its charitable mission, the GA will stabilise its finances over the planning period. We will make effective use of key assets, such as its staff and volunteers, and explore the potential of technology and our headquarters building. At the same time, we will seek to extend the range of financial support and prepare the Association for the future.

How we will measure our success

Our vision and strategic aims provide us with a clear and compelling ambition for the next few years. In order to be effective, we need to describe our ambition in clearly measurable terms. We will identify a range of indicators to help us do this. Our indicators will include quantifiable outcomes, such as the level of membership or the number of teachers who buy books from our professional range, to qualitative information, such as feedback from CPD courses and the impact of the Association on geography education policy

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