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Ballot for GA Trustee elections

In accordance with its By-laws, the GA is holding a ballot to determine which candidate will be elected to its Governing Body from 1 September 2013. This ballot is being conducted entirely online.

A short statement from each nominee appears below.

Voting will close at 12pm on Wednesday 6 March 2013. The results of these elections will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the GA (to be held at 3.15pm on Thursday 4 April 2013 at The Roundhouse, Derby) and through GA Magazine and this website.

All full personal, life, joint, concessionary and group members are eligible to cast one vote. Your vote is anonymous but you will need to provide us with your GA membership number as part of the voting process (this is the same as your website username).

My vote for Junior Vice President 2013-14, to be Senior Vice President 2014-15, President 2015-16 and Past President 2016-17 (one vacancy):


Nominee statements

Mary Biddulph

My candidature for Junior Vice President is based on 30 years' experience in geography education, both as a schoolteacher and as a teacher educator at the University of Nottingham. These experiences combined with my editorship of Teaching Geography and as a leader of the GA's Young People's Geographies project mean that I am well positioned to support the GA in fulfilling its commitment to a high quality geography education for all young people, regardless of their context, background or life experiences.

Current educational reforms, and the consequences of these for the geography curriculum, carry significant implications for all teachers of geography. These are significant times for the GA as it positions itself to provide independent leadership and support to teachers of geography in both primary and secondary schools. I am ready to contribute to the leadership of the GA and work on behalf of its members to ensure that geography education remains a vital and inspirational part of the school curriculum in both primary and secondary sectors.

In this ever-changing educational landscape navigating such changes will require careful, principled and inclusive ways of working. I would commit a great deal of energy as well as bring an optimistic disposition to this task!

Steve Rawlinson

Nomination to become GA President 2015 is a real privilege and honour. My life in geography as a learner, teacher and researcher enables me to bring to the role:

  • Long experience of contributing to the Association e.g. as Chair of the Primary Geography Editorial Board, PG Champion, PGQM moderator and in my local branch;
  • Teaching experience in primary, secondary and university sectors, understanding the realities of the classroom;
  • Linking learners and staff from the primary, secondary and HE sectors;
  • Life-long passion and enthusiasm for the subject and, happily, the time to devote to it.

I want my Presidency to be a catalyst for the Association to continue at the forefront of geography education by:

  • Expanding our outstanding work maintaining geography's crucial position in the curriculum;
  • Extending its reputation at home and abroad for creating innovative and accessible resources and research;
  • Rejuvenating the image of the subject for different audiences by extending local community engagement.

My professional and research record, e.g. 8 Way Thinking, shows I have the approachable, integrating and inclusive style required. My Presidential year will revolve around my passion for offering geographical experiences to everyone - Opening Geography's doors to all...

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Anthony Silson Guest

I am rather concerned that there is only on-line voting. Some members may not have a computer. More crucially, I have only just(on 28 February) noticed elections are occurring. With a postal vote, paper arrives to draw it to one's attention

Dorcas Brown

Dorcas Brown GA Staff

Thank you for your comments regarding the GA's online voting. The GA is a democratic association and as such we are really keen to give as many members as possible the opportunity to vote in our Governing Body elections, but we also have to take into consideration the costs involved with staging them. The online voting mechanism provides a far more cost effective voting option owing to the fact that third-party design and print costs can be avoided. We are, however, sensitive to the fact that some members may not have access to computers and so we would always accept any votes cast via post or any other off-line means should any be received. The original notice to GA members informing members of this year's ballot was featured on page 3 of the spring issue of GA Magazine which was sent out to all members in early January.

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