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The Geographical Association

What has the GA got to do with me?
If you are a teacher of geography, the GA enables you to keep up to date with developments in the subject and teaching methods. We like groups to join - as departments (secondary) and schools (primary) - because we place great value on 'communities of shared practice'.

Is the GA only for teachers?
Not at all – membership is open to all with an interest in the GA's aims and we welcome support from all who share our enthusiasm for the teaching and learning of geography.

How is my subscription spent?
A significant proportion goes on the journals to which you choose to subscribe. A smaller chunk on other 'communications' such as this website and GA Magazine. Another portion is spent on policy matters - lobbying government, making links with government and non-government agencies - to ensure a healthy understanding of geography and its contribution to education. And of course administration, projects and the Annual Conference.

What do I get for my money?
Being a member of a worldwide community of geographers; around 30% discount on publications; discounted entry to the Annual Conference and other CPD courses; your journal(s) and GA Magazine posted to you three times a year; and access to five years of journal back issues online.

How can I meet with other members of the GA with similar interests?
Contact a committee or working group, come to the GA Annual Conference or get in touch with your local branch. You can also chat with other GA members online via our networking website known as the 'GA Ning'.

How do I get involved with the GA?
There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the GA on a deeper level, for instance joining a committee or working group, becoming a GA Consultant, writing an article for one of the journals, involving your students in Worldwise or participating in a current project. You could also submit a teaching or learning resource for the website by contacting Milan Recknagel. Further information about these and other opportunities is available in the Get Involved area.

How do I book a place at the Annual Conference?
A full conference programme and booking form are available from September on the Annual Conference pages. Low entrance fees entitle delegates to full access to lectures, workshops, the resources exhibition and day-time receptions. Please note that places on workshops are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Who runs the GA?
The GA is a charity with a board of Trustees, referred to as our Governing Body - this is an elected body chaired by the current President. The education 'think tank' is the Education Committee while the day-to-day running is the responsibility of the Chief Executive. More information about the structure of the GA can be found in the About Us section.

Where is my nearest Branch? What is my local Branch doing this term?
There are currently more than 40 branches affiliated to the GA throughout the UK. Information about branches including contact details and forthcoming events can be accessed via the Branch pages.

If the GA didn't exist, would it have to be invented?
Absolutely, yes. It was founded in 1893 and its reason to be has grown rather than diminished. In a healthy civil society an independent subject association plays a significant role in providing inspiration as well as checks and balances.

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GA Website

I can't find ..... on the website. Can you help?
Try using the search box in the top right hand corner which can search the whole site or more specifically, within website pages, journals or publications. To find a teaching and learning geography resource go to the Resources page. If you still can't find what you're after, contact Milan Recknagel.

Why can't I get into the journals I subscribe to?/Why isn't it giving me a members' discount?
Check that your membership is up to date and paid, and that you are using the right membership number - this is the number found on your membership card or address label without the initial zeros. If you are still having problems contact Ted Ellis or Milan Recknagel.

What is my membership number?
It's the number (without the initial zeros or the, e.g. '/TG') on your address label or membership card. If in doubt, contact GA Headquarters on 0114 296 0088.

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Joining the GA

How much does it cost to join the GA?
Various rates are available depending on your status and which journals you subscribe to. Full information about all subscription rates and current offers is available on the Subscription Information page.

What is the difference between Group membership and Personal membership?
Group membership is for up to ten people working in the same school or other institution, giving each person the benefits of GA membership including discount on CPD courses and publications, and access to the website. Personal membership is available at a lower rate for one individual.

I'm a GA member but cannot log onto the GA's website. Help!
You can use your membership number to get a password reminder or to create a new password if you've never used the site before. Visit the Login page for details.

I have attended an event at my local GA Branch - does this mean I'm a member of the national Association?
No - anyone is entitled to join a local Branch or go along to events, often for a small charge or yearly subscription. Although all local Branches are affiliated to the national Association, paying annual fees to a local Branch does not automatically give you membership to the GA.

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Teaching and Learning

Where can I buy maps, globes, National Geographic magazine, etc?
Try browsing our Links listings for useful websites. Our journals carry reviews and advertising for products currently available, and the Annual Conference exhibition is a great opportunity to see what is available first hand. You can purchase GA resources online via the GeographyShop.

How can I obtain a copy of the Mexico pack mentioned in the QCA Schemes of Work?
Information about all the Tocuaro resources produced by the GA is available in the Early Years & Primary area, and every publication can be purchased online via the GeographyShop.

We have an Ofsted inspection coming up and I want to make sure our geography teaching looks good. Can you help?
What lies at the heart of excellent teaching, we think, is a lively relationship with pupils and the subject. Make geography lively! Try to ensure some topicality, and show that your teaching and the curriculum are 'developing'. Have a look at our A Different View materials for more on what we think makes good geography plus some inspirational activity ideas. We have good learning resources that can enhance certain aspects of teaching, but most of all we have materials that can underpin CPD - notably the Handbooks (Primary and Secondary), Margaret Roberts' brilliant 'Learning though Enquiry', and the 'Theory into Practice' series. These can all be purchased in the GeographyShop where we also sell a great range of posters to brighten up your classroom. In the longer term, you may wish to consider applying for a Primary or Secondary Geography Quality Mark which recognise excellence in the school/department.

I'd like to set up a school linking project. Can you help?
Have a look at this brief information about setting up a project - it includes weblinks to a number of organisations offering help and advice on setting up your own school link.

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Professional Development/CPD

What CPD opportunities does the GA offer?
Virtually everything the GA does can be classified as CPD: the Annual Conference, one-day training events, books, journals, projects and various parts of this website. Find out more in the CPD area.

What is the GA approach to project work?
We organise 'CPD-led curriculum development projects’. These place great value on local solutions to geography teaching provided by teachers working face to face with each other in stimulating surroundings.

Why do 'projects' get listed under CPD?
Because the teachers who get involved always say how much they have learned in their evaluations - about themselves, geography and geography teaching.

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Promoting Geography

How can you help me persuade my Year 9 students to continue studying geography?
Visit our Option Time page for help with this - it includes a number of downloadable leaflets and information about our book Promoting Geography in School. Further information about how to promote geography on a bigger scale is dealt with in A Different View, the GA's 'manifesto' for geography. The webpages feature some inspirational videos and further information on promoting geography both within school and to a wider audience.

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Other Questions

I'm looking for a geography teacher to undertake some advisory work for my company, can you recommend someone?
Because the GA receives many requests like this we now operate a system whereby we maintain a register of our members who are both qualified and available to undertake paid curriculum development or advisory work - both small and large scale. Contact Julie Beattie (0114 296 0088) and ask about 'GA Consultants'.

Can I reproduce an article/photograph/illustration from one of your publications?
If you are a GA member, one benefit of your membership is that you are free to use materials from GA journals and books with students in your institution. If you wish to use GA materials for any other purpose, please contact Dorcas Turner for copyright enquiries referring to material published in books,  journals and CD-Roms or contact Milan Recknagel regarding web content.

I’d like to advertise in your journals/on your website. How much does it cost?
Information about all advertising opportunities is available on the Sponsorship & Advertising page.

Would the GA like to advertise in our publication?
Please contact the Publications Manager Ruth Totterdell.

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laura stoneham Guest

who is the publisher for primary geographer/geography and where was it published,

GA Member

Hi Laura

The publisher is the Geographical Association and the city is Sheffield.

Hope this helps!



laura stoneham Guest

thank you!
very helpful


Lizzie Rushton Guest

Is there a place within the GA's output for students to publish their research? Is GeogEd the right place to send such articles? The Royal Society have a Young Scientist journal.

Milan Recknagel

Milan Recknagel GA Staff

Hi Lizzie,

Please contact rtotterdell@geography.org.uk with your request.


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