GA headquarters - staff contacts

Alan Kinder - Chief Executive
Find out more about Alan here

Anna Grandfield - Senior Production Editor
Contact for: Primary Geography, resource reviews, publications production

Carole Porter - Sales and Despatch Co-ordinator
Contact for: Publication orders, trade orders

Dorcas Brown - Senior Production Editor
Contact for: Geography, GA Magazine, resource reviews, copyright permissions, publications production

John Hopkin - Head of Accreditation, Global Learning Programme
Contact for: Global Learning Programme (England and Wales)

Julie Beattie - GA Administrator/Projects Administrator
Contact for: All general enquiries relating to the GA and its branches, committees/SIGs, primary and secondary geography Quality Mark awards and Consultants to the GA.

Lucy Oxley - CPD, Events and Marketing Manager
Contact for: Annual conference and CPD event enquiries, sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Milan Olivier-Recknagel - Website and Online Communications Manager
Contact for: GA website content and login queries, press enquiries, Barnaby Bear website

Paul Madden - Publication Accounts Coordinator
Contact for: Publication orders

Paula Owens - Primary Quality Mark And Curriculum Development Leader
Contact for: Primary Projects and Curriculum Leadership matters, Primary Geography Champions, Global Learning Programmes (England and Wales)
Find out more about Paula here

Rebecca Kitchen - Secondary Curriculum Leader
Contact for: Secondary projects and curriculum leadership matters
Find out more about Rebecca here

Richard Gill - Business Manager
Contact for: Financial and GA membership enquiries

Ricky Buck - Executive Assistant to Chief Executive
Contact for: Chief Executive enquiries, WorldWise Archives, Primary Resource Collection and People Awards

Roisin McAteer - Marketing and Events Assistant
Contact for: Marketing and event enquiries and GA Publishers' Awards

Ruth Totterdell - Publications, Journals and Content Manager
Contact for: General journal and publishing enquiries, Teaching Geography

Sue Clarke - Accounts Technician
Contact for: Accounts enquiries including accounts receivable

Ted Ellis - Accounts Technician / IT Support
Contact for: Membership and IT enquiries

Other HQ contacts


Geography - Editorial Collective, email submissions to Dorcas Brown
Teaching Geography - Ruth Totterdell
Primary Geography - Anna Grandfield
GA Magazine - Dorcas Brown

If you would like to discuss your order or need information from us, our telephone number is: 0114 296 0088. If you wish to fax us, the number is 0114 296 7176.

For details of Committee contacts, please browse the Committee area.

GA staff consultants

Below are biographies of GA staff who offer consultancy in schools. The information and photographs can be used in print and online publications as required provided that the Geographical Association is acknowledged as the source. If you require information about someone not featured on this page, contact Milan Recknagel.

Alan Kinder - GA Chief Executive

Alan Kinder is the Chief Executive of the Geographical Association, the leading subject association for all teachers of geography. Alan has undertaken a wide variety of roles within geographical education: geography teacher, school and curriculum leader, field studies officer, local authority adviser, PGCE tutor and consultant. His work has taken him from the south coast of England to South Yorkshire and from continental Europe to South-East Asia, giving him the opportunity to work with hundreds of schools from across the UK and further afield. Alan has written and contributed to a large body of professional and curriculum materials: books, CPD courses, newspaper and journal articles and website materials on behalf of organisations including the Geographical Association, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Prince’s Teaching Institute, Times Educational Supplement, RGS-IBG and many others. He is, with John Widdowson, the series co-editor of the GA's award-winning Key Stage 3 Geography Teacher's Toolkit.

Download: Alan Kinder Biography

Quote: "We are entering a period of greater complexity within the education system. Authoritative sources of advice and support have largely been replaced by a patchwork of formal and informal networks. The role of the GA must therefore be to act as the voice of geography and of geography educational professionals and to provide thoughtful and trustworthy advice and guidance at every level in order to ensure that every young person receives their entitlement to a quality geography education. Our 2014-9 strategic plan also emphasises the need for the GA to play a key leadership role in defining the purpose and value of geography in education and work in partnership with school leaderships and other organisations in order to make sure our authoritative subject voice is both heard and heeded." - November 2014

Dr Paula Owens - Curriculum Development Leader (Primary)

Paula is a former deputy head with many years' experience teaching children from Foundation to Key Stage 2. She completed a PhD that focused on how children develop environmental values in the early school years (ages 4– 7) and lectured part time on primary geography courses for students completing QTS and PGCE.

Download: Paula Owens Biography

Quote: "I am passionate about the need for all children to have adequate opportunities to develop their 'geographical capability' from the earliest years of formal education. From my teaching and research experience, I know that through engaging with quality geography, children become better equipped to negotiate the ever more complex and changing world in which we live, and make sense of their place within it.- July 2009

Rebecca Kitchen – Secondary Curriculum Leader

Becky taught for sixteen years at Aylesbury High School before taking up the position of Secondary Curriculum Leader at the Geographical Association in September 2015. During her time as Head of Geography, the department achieved the Secondary Geography Quality Mark Centre of Excellence on three occasions. Becky was also awarded the Royal Geographical Society Ordnance Survey Award for excellence in teaching geography in 2009 and the Geographical Association Award for excellence in leading geography in 2014.

Download: Rebecca Kitchen Biography

Quote:In a time of curriculum change and performance indicators it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the big picture. It is so important for young people today to experience an engaging, relevant and quality geography curriculum which helps them to make sense of the world and to negotiate their place within it. The support available from the GA to enable this is both comprehensive and high quality and I would urge both teachers and students to investigate the website, use some of the resources, engage in some CPD and get involved!” - September 2015


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