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When it was first published, the GA's Secondary Geography Handbook set out to inspire and support the professional learning of geography teachers and to promote worthwhile and stimulating geographical learning for students. Several years later and the Handbook is still an extremely useful and important resource. We are now offering GA members the opportunity to download some of the key chapters from this publication.

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Chapter 4: The Geographical Mind - Doreen Massey

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In this chapter, Doreen Massey shows that we all operate with a variety of often contradicting geographical imaginations. The study of geography helps us to expose these contradictions, thus contributing to a crucial aim of education - that of questioning rather than accepting without further thought. Massey argues that the development of a geographical mind can bring rigour in the way we imagine those essential geographical notions of space and place.

Chapter 6: Real world learning through geographical fieldwork - David Caton

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David Caton looks at a variety of approaches to fieldwork, including traditional field research, enquiry fieldwork, alongside newer approaches such as sensory and discovery fieldwork, trails and expeditions, and fieldwork for sustainable development. Caton argues that such qualitative approaches can provide a complement to quantitative methods, help to develop conceptual understanding and result in a richer, more varied educational experience.

Chapter 9: Geographical enquiry - Margaret Roberts

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What is distinctive about geographical enquiry? Why is geographical enquiry important? What are its essential aspects? In this chapter, Margaret Roberts takes a closer look at geographical enquiry and then provides two examples of enquiry based learning in action. First, she looks at a series of lessons on recycling for Year 8 and then a second series on Urban Redevelopment for Year 10.

Chapter 13: Using geography textbooks - John Widdowson and David Lambert

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In this chapter, John Widdowson and David Lambert consider the role of the textbook in the modern geography curriculum. The authors argue that textbooks have a key place in teaching and learning, though this is unlikely to be the same role that they have had in the past. They demonstrate how textbooks can help to model the structure of, and approach to, geographical enquiries for students, thus advancing their geographical enquiry skills.

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The focus of this issue is 'health geography'. Besides the focus articles it includes many articles that will be useful to teachers planning a new key stage 3 for the autumn.

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